Terms and conditions

Agreed to follow instructions by the CIS volunteers

CIS, Sponsors and other third Party involving with this event will not be liable for any loss, injury, or death.

Regarding Personal DATA SAFETY: Collected data will be secured under THE PRIVACY ACT 1988 of Australia. CIS will not share/sell your data to 3rd Party. CIS may communicate or sent you promotional materials by collected data.

Release & Waiver of Liability:

  • I understand and acknowledge that HORSE RIDING AND ANIMAL HANDLING IS A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY and that animals including horses can act in sudden and unpredictable ways, especially if frightened or hurt.
  • I understand and acknowledge that PROPERTY LOSS, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH may result from horse or animal related activities, including riding and passive participation in horse or animal events.
  • I understand that this applies to any animal handling or horse-riding activities that I participate in which are organised by CIS and associated with a My Pony Party booking, the business owned by Danielle & Richard Plaskitt (herein also called DE & RG Plaskitt).
  • Understand that by signing this document I and as parent’s, have made a complete and unconditional release of all liability of DE & RG Plaskitt and their staff, volunteers, CIS as organiser’s or others appointed to supervise the booking I am attending, including the property owners and/or occupiers, where and when I undertake the activities provided by DE & RG Plaskitt to the greatest extent allowed by law in the event of myself and/or any minors or animals under my care suffering any loss, injury or death. I agree that I undertake any such risk voluntarily of my own free will and at my own risk.
  • The lessee (CIS) shall oversee the Jumping Castle’s operation. Lessor/Lessee/Venue Owner and their officers, employees, volunteers, and agents is/are not responsible for injury occurring. The Customers further agrees not to hold the Lessor and its officers, employees, and agents, against any injury or claims.
  • The user/customer shall indemnify the Lessor/Lessee/Venue Owner and its officers, volunteers, employees, and agents’ from/against any costs incurred due to claims from anyone and for attorney’s fees and related costs.